Spoctus Cosmic Joyride

Spoctus Cosmic Joyride


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Package Namecom.Skorofff.SpoctusJoyride2D Available onGoogle play
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Spoctus Cosmic Joyride
Alien creatures! Other planets! Other dimensions!
Have you ever played runner games with a style reminiscent of a modern graphic design?
Experience an unique atmosphere in this casual runner

Play the first location and explore new unexplored corners of the universe
To uncover and understand the mysteries of his universe, the Covenant must travel to other unknown lands, wandering through unknown sectors of space.
It's time to join the space octopus and equip a cool jet pack, put on a cool suit and travel the universe in its endless search to find answers to all questions.
Download Spoctus Cosmic Joyride for FREE now to start a new game and find the end of the universe!
Become better and richer in the reality of the space octopus, and travel more and more to then tell your friends what unknown places you have been.
Compete with your friends and tell them how far you have come
You can also upgrade this video game

FEATURES of Spoctus Cosmic Joyride:

🛸Goodly stylized
🛸Fly a cool jet pack around the universe
🛸Surfing on the wave in all its glory
🛸Avoid objects of various kinds unknown to space
🛸Collect coins and earn millions of space dollars
🛸Endless adventures
🛸Futuristic, minimalist and neat graphics
🛸Unique Power-ups
🛸Challenging gameplay
🛸Vibrant eye catching Graphics
🛸Mesmerizing atmosphere
🛸Easy and simple controls
🛸Modern Graphic design inspired aesthetics

It's very simple!
Just take and tap the left and right sides of the screen and thus you control your cosmic octopus

If you are looking for this hyper-casual game and want to enjoy the graphics, and challenge yourself to most likely the game is for you;)


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