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Icebergs are large pieces of freshwater ice floating in open water. Icebergs are born when they break off from glaciers or ice shelves in a process called calving. These icebergs are formed of many shapes.

While big icebergs are usually easier for ships to see, smaller icebergs can hide in the ocean's waves, making them harder to spot and thus much more dangerous.

If you've ever heard the phrase just the tip of the iceberg. You might be surprised to learn there's a lot of truth to it. People use the phrase to mean that what you can see is not all there is.

Gravity forces these massive glaciers toward the sea. As they reach the ocean, the glaciers begin to break off into pieces and fall into the ocean, creating icebergs. As the icebergs travel and begin to melt, the process starts all over again.

According to Brad Drummond, a senior ice forecaster with Environment Canada, icebergs in the area show up each year. What’s unusual this season is the large number. Right now we're currently looking at over 100 icebergs through the northeast arm of the Gulf and around the Strait of Belle Isle Drummond told CBC on Wednesday.

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