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FlightGen Flight Itinerary App


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Want a flight itinerary for your visa process ? Use FlightGen app to create your flight itinerary for any visa in 30 seconds ! . Just like booking a regular flight, you can select the flight for which you want the itinerary, enter your details such as name and passport information complete payment to generate your flight itinerary instantly. 

Get your first itinerary for free !!

Why use FlightGen App?

Instant flight itinerary: Generate your flight itinerary in just 30 seconds !! . 
Your Native Currency : Create flight itinerary in your native currency not in USD which increases trustworthiness & chances of visa approval. 
Unlimited Applicants : One itinerary can have upto 10 travellers So you pay per itinerary not per person !  
Excellent customer support : We are available on call, whatsApp or email 24 *7 incase you have issues with your itinerary. 
What is flight itinerary meaning ?

Flight itinerary is a probable flight route plan that you will be taking which has to be submitted during your visa process. This should include the details such as your flight number, travel date & your information. The difference between an actual flight ticket and flight itinerary is that your actual flight ticket is fully paid and will have a PNR number whereas a flight itinerary will not  have PNR number. 

Should you submit an actual flight booking or should you use flight itinerary for visa processing ?

Though you can submit either a flight ticket or flight itinerary, it is recommended by many official consulates and websites online to submit flight itinerary rather than an actual flight ticket, especially due to the unpredicatable nature of travel due to COVID-19 where the rejection rate of visa application has doubled to 22%. 

How to get flight itinerary for free ?

Using FlightGen app, you can get your first flight itinerary for free, so you can try before you buy a flight itinerary with us. 

What is a flight reservation?
A flight reservation for visa is an arrangement you make through a personal reservation number, to save a seat in the aeroplane for travelling to your destination, typically for a week. In case you do not purchase the ticket within a week period, your reserved seat will be cancelled.

What is an itinerary receipt?
An itinerary receipt is a confirmation document that has the number of the e-ticket you have purchased. You receive it in your email upon the issuance of your flight ticket.

What is a dummy flight ticket for a visa?
This is basically the same as a flight itinerary for a visa. When you purchase a dummy ticket for a visa application, you actually pay to have a saved seat on a plane on your chosen dates for an appointed period. After you get the visa you can purchase the plane ticket.

What does the Proof of Departure requirement mean?
In Canada, they require the applicants to submit proof of departure, which is actually a flight ticket

Flight Itinerary has been the preferred document to submit for a visa process instead of an actual flight ticket but please note that the embassy may change from time to time and may request for an actual flight ticket.We are only providing an easy way for getting your visa and using flight itinerary is entirely your choice.
Having said that we would not suggest you to use a temporary PNR itinerary that many are selling online since this is under forged documents and your visa may be instantly rejected.
Also make sure to mention that you are submitting itinerary in your personal cover letter


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