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SudoCash SAGA


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SudoCash SAGA Game is a special type of addictive and innovated sudoko puzzle game.

SudoCash SAGA Puzzle comes with a 6by6, rows and columns of sudoko like logic puzzle and brain games.

Playing SudoCash SAGA will help build and train your logics and thinking capacity.

SudoCash SAGA has 6 Cells or Boxes, in each rows and columns.

There are 6 rows and columns in the current version of SudoCash SAGA Game.

Each cell or box of any row or column in the game contains one of numbers (1-6), space or coin.

Join and play weekly sudoCash puzzle to challenge your friend, and other people around.

Replace each coin in the rows and columns of the game with the correct number, without duplicates.

Avoid repeating any number from 1 to 6, in the rows and columns of the game board.

Use erase tool to clean any duplicates that appears within the rows and column


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