Death Road Car Race Shooting 2019

Death Road Car Race Shooting 2019

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Package Namecom.death.road.race Available onGoogle play Size file53M Latest Version1.0.7 Code latest Version1.0.7
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WAIT IS OVER!!! Are you a car racing fanatic? Do you really want to play the top car racing game of 2019? Death Car Racing is a treat for the car racing lovers. Get your hands on the best death car racing game. Get behind the wheels and race against the time. Take part in one of the most deadly car racing competition and win like a pro.

Car racing tracks are rough and bumpy so don’t even dare to think it is some ordinary race, you are about to ride on the most challenging car racing tracks and path during the race. Get ready to be surprised. Don’t underestimate your rivals too. Some of them are top car racers and have earned the significant titles and deadly races. You are against such experienced and well known players.

There are no rules! Play with freedom, you are on your own. Perform amazing and crazy stunts but don’t stray from the mission - to dodge your rivals and leave behind them all. Fill up the fuel and set out on an extraordinary mission. Burn the nitro in the case of extreme need. Death Car Racing 2.0 is a car racing games’ revival. Live your passion and make your way to the top rank of the best racers. Now enjoy the racing on whole new level, revving up engines and super speedy cars are the future.

Accelerate car through the asphalt highways, sandy desserts, and slippery and snowy tracks. Dodge the obstacles, destroy your enemy and be the first one to reach the destination. Customizable formula racing cars are major attraction. You have got your own garage and modify your car as you want to. Upon completing the mission and earning the cash new and latest cars will be unlocked.

Get set. Ready. Go. Drag and drift while shooting the missiles at your opponents while playing the furious Death Car Racing 2.0.

****** Features of DEATH CAR RACING 2.0 ******
Deadly weapons and heavy artillery
High tech cars with super smooth controls
High quality environment and visual effects
Amazing background audio effects
Reaslis tracks with turns and twists


Game Play Improved.
New Features added.