All Document Reader 2022

All Document Reader 2022

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This beat one document viewer is that the most convenient thanks to manage your documents and consider them. Just download the app and consider your document in several formats and save them. Now you do not got to produce other apps to look at files. you'll view them with us in one document reader app.

All document reader 2022 like word reader, excel viewer, point slides reader and PDF file reader will allow you to look at all documents in your android you'll easily view your office documents like .doc file, xls files and PDF file by using this all document reader and file viewer app. it’s a free file reader and file viewer app, read files at one place.

Document viewer / Document reader 2022 for android allows you to easily view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and PDF files. It also supports multiple compatibilities with office formats, including DOC, DOCX, XLSX, TXT, PPT, PPTX, and PDF Reader.

Document Manager
The office viewer and file reader manage and arrange all document files separately like manage word files, PPT files and PDF documents in their respective file structures. you'll view all of your excel files word files and every one documents files at one place and may read files and consider files from there easily.

Excel Viewer and Excel Reader
It’s a XLS file viewer and every one format excel files reader in simply you'll say it’s an Excel file opener to look at XLS and XLSX files in your phone. such as you can view and reader excel business reports, excel Business Charts and any business contract Excel sheet in your Phone.

Doc Viewer and Docx Reader
you can view all files in DOC and Docx Format in your phone now. It’s a word file opener to look at all of your word files in your phone rather than using PC or laptop. you'll easily search documents and skim in your phone now because it supports all word format files.

✨ ✨ ✨Document Reader 2022 has the subsequent Features ✨ ✨ ✨

• Scan Document.
• Easy file viewer for word files with document viewer (doc/Docx).
• Excel file viewer and Document reader (Xls/xlsx).
• PowerPoint viewer and Document editor (ppt/pptx).
• document reader (.txt).
• A PDF reader.
• Support ZIP and RAR files.
• All pdf files reader either it's in simple TXT form or in PDF picture form.
• Prepare your Office Presentation on your phone.
• Read PPT University Lectures Slides on Your phone.
• File Manager to rearrange files in separate.
• Reader for Office enter your Phone.
• Presentation opener and excel sheet Viewer.
• Read you enter TXT format also.

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