Monster Collector Box 3D

Monster Collector Box 3D

Funtory Studio

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Who is ready for a monster-hunting game?😎

Have you ever imagined you could collect monsters?
So fun, isn't it?

You are trapped on an island full of monsters; what can you do to defend yourself?

All you can do is to capture the monsters into your boxes and use them to defend yourself!

Create the best team ever!

Looking for a game that’s all action and monstrously entertaining? Monster Collector Box is all you need!

Monsters are waiting to attack you!

Catch a monster, train it and help him evolve! Finally, fight against stronger monsters and win!

Addictive mechanic
Unique gameplay
100+ Levels
Lots of exciting challenges

Don't waste your time with boring games, and download Monster Collector Box 3D now for free!


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