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Selfie With Jimin (BTS) is a photo editor for Jimin (BTS) fans.
This application will turn your selfies into really funny and new ones. Now you can take real pictures with your idol!
Its no jokes!! With this application {Take Selfie With Jimin (BTS)} you get 3D Wallpaper Parallax, Like Nature Wallpaper 3D, Summer, Animals, City and many more 3D Parallax and Live Wallpaper.

Selfie With Jimin (BTS) Make your photos even more unique and funny by decorating them with these awesome images of Jimin (BTS), which definitely won't let you down.

3D Wallpaper Jimin (BTS), Nature Wallpaper, Summer, city, Animals, and Live Wallpaper.
Create the funniest and newest photos with real photos with Jimin (BTS).
Easy to use helps you to have beautiful-strange photos with your idol.
Great graphics and colors, cute sticker
Optimized for all Android Lolipop and above devices.

1. Launch Selfie With Jimin (BTS) professional photography and photo editing applications
2. Take photos from your Camera or choose photos from gallery, album, online storage memory
3. Options to crop, reverse image, flip image
4. Edit bright photos, contrast, colors
5. Options to add effects, filters to photos
6. Choose for yourself a professional photo frame or emoticons, animated faces instantly.
7. Choose more emoticons, cartoon faces to make the image cuter
8. Add text, add stickers, add emotional fashion letters
9. Share your photos on social networks Facebook, Instagram

Hey do you need 3D Wallpaper like phone 13, 13 pro max?. Awesome Guys!!, Take Selfie With Jimin (BTS) can do this
1. Tap 3D Wallpaper in the Main menu.
2. Choose Jimin (BTS) Wallpaper or choose Available Wallpaer, or category its make you easy to find best wallpaer for your phone.
3. Set the wallpaer, and Boom!!! 3D wallpaper is set.
Now wallpaper is move following your motions, when you move your phone the wallpaper is following.
4. you can also control the speed of scroling.

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Cool Right !!!