Expenless! Money Manager and Budget Planner

Expenless! Money Manager and Budget Planner


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Having good control of your finances and knowing all your expenses, income and having budgets is necessary for your financial health. Undoubtedly an ideal application to help you achieve your financial freedom.

Expenlesss! is a super simple and intuitive tool. You will be able to achieve total control of your personal finances by carrying monthly and annual budgets.


It has an analysis screen where you can see and understand where your money is going, allowing you to compare with previous periods, and thus be able to optimize your expenses.

Characteristics of an effective accounting record:

βœ… Allows you to attach files and photos to your income and expenses.
βœ… Categorize your expenses into categories and subcategories.
βœ… It presents interactive charts ideal for analyzing and maintaining correct financial control.
βœ… It offers simplicity and speed when it comes to organizing day-to-day expenses.
βœ… Filters to organize expenses, in a better way.
βœ… Create monthly and annual budgets.
βœ… Create automatic budgets based on previous expenses.
βœ… Excel report of your expenses.
βœ… Daily tips and famous phrases that will motivate you to achieve your financial freedom.
βœ… Reminder for don't forgetting to enter your expenses
βœ… No annoying ads!

With Expenless! You can forget about those complicated ways of managing your savings and budgets, as a spending template, since not only will you be able to select the categories in which you want to save but also, you will keep track of your money, both income and daily expenses. With Expenless, you don't need to be an expert in controlling expenses and your personal finances as Expenless will do it for you!

Try Expenless! And achieve efficient management of your money.

Good luck!