Puppy Racing Patrol Rescue 3d

Puppy Racing Patrol Rescue 3d

Let's Play Games 2020

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Puppy Racing Patrol Rescue 3d is a dynamic racing and runner in the first person, where you will meet a lot of cute puppies that are waiting for you to run along with them. The game has no difficult obstacles, so even the youngest can ride indefinitely.
This is a Paw Smashy monster machines game in the genre of endless racing runners, where you run at full speed and jump over various obstacles. In this case, however, you will be running not by yourself, but with the help of cute puppies who will clear your way from all kinds of dangers.
Key features:
- 3 different characters to choose from
- Funny cartoon graphics in 3D
- and much more

Select characters:
- Marshall
- Chase
- Rocky

In the future, other characters will be added