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■人気マンガ「サムライソルジャー」「DEAR BOYS」「ドンケツ」「ゴッドハンド輝」「CUFFS カフス」「エリアの騎士」「ハリガネサービス」や「ウロボロス」が無料で読める!

10月の新作は「サムライソルジャー」「寄生獣」「賭博堕天録カイジ」「火葬場のない町に鐘が鳴る時」、「賭博堕天録カイジ 和也編」など人気漫画を配信中!







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■ Popular free manga app that has exceeded 20 million DL!
■ You can read popular manga "Samurai Soldier", "DEAR BOYS", "Donketsu", "Godhand Teru", "CUFFS Cufflinks", "Knight in the Area", "Harigane Service" and "Ouroboros" for free!
■ Over 1,000 very interesting 50 comics are being distributed for free!
■ "Manga BANG" is a must-have app for manga lovers, where you can read 8 episodes of popular manga for free every day!

Popular manga such as "Samurai Soldier", "Parasitic Beast", "Gaming Fallen Record Kaiji", "When the Bell Rings in a Town without a Crematorium", and "Gaming Fallen Record Kaiji Kazuya" are being delivered in October!

[Features of the manga app]
■ 8 episodes daily, you can read manga for free
You can read 8 episodes of manga distributed on the free manga tab of Manga BANG for free every day.
A wide range of interesting manga from action, battle, horror manga, romance manga, fantasy manga, villagers to kingdom manga, shojo manga, boy manga to youth manga are available for free!
Visit every day to read through all your favorite manga!

■ You can enjoy more by purchasing books!
Eight episodes a day is not enough! I want to read more manga! If so, please purchase coins within the app! You can use coins to buy ebooks. Let's read through a really interesting comic!

Campaigns are also underway at any time!
Enjoy comics with the items that arrive in the present box!

■ Famous and popular manga made into dramas and movies are now available! New works will be added one after another in the future!
In the future, we will deliver additional new works every month!
Manga BANG is different from sites such as Manga Village and Manga Town.
All the manga works delivered are licensed by the copyright holder, so please enjoy with confidence.

■ Manga BANG original comic serialization started!
Original comics of love and fantasy are now available!
"Scheduled Marriage Date": Updated every Saturday
"Dungeon Battle Royale-Because I became a Demon King, I aim to unify the world-": Updated every Monday
"I was invited to the country as a warrior in another world, but I declined and decided to start with a soldier.": Updated every Monday

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・ Those who want to read manga casually to kill time using the manga app
・ Those who want to use a manga app that serializes manga and popular comics that can be read for free
・ Those who like manga and often read manga using other manga apps
・ Those who want to read new manga or popular manga with the manga app
・ Those who want to read the entire manga volume of the topical work they care about
・ Those who want to read popular seinen manga and shōnen manga with a manga app
・ Those who want to read manga of various genres using the manga app
So that you can read more popular manga for free!

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E-mail: [email protected]