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Save 'em All Zipline Crowd Rescue Game is a quick brain puzzle hyper-casual minigame. Use your finger to pull the rope and connect it to the final anchor, avoiding all the death traps in order to advance to the next level. Use the zipline to rescue innocent people and get them to the safe zone.

With more than 99 levels, Save them All is the game of nonstop fun and puzzle adventures. Watch out for the deadly hurdles, and complete the target (number of people) given on the save zone. If you are even one point short, the level fails and you have to restart it in order to help the crowd reach their goal again and you have to save em all again.

Download now and enjoy yourself with family and friends. Save em all zipline crowd rescue game is a casual game for all ages. Challenges your friends and foes in this epic madness of crazy ziplining and crowd rescue.