Hallow: Sci-fi Visual Novel

Hallow: Sci-fi Visual Novel

NSAID Visual Novel

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Winter has reigned over Pluto for more than 100 years. It has gotten so bad that most people cannot leave their house, and the alarming resource shortage means this planet is doomed to be destroyed.

Unless Pluto manages to place 1st in the next Sorting Event - an opportunity which allows the winner to rearrange the Solar System.

Chosen to be Pluto’s representative for the upcoming Sorting Event, Charon is training hard to prepare for this challenge. But before moving into the final stages, Charon’s mentor - Xander - wants him to hear a tale about the beginning of Pluto’s dark age.



Mika: Concept, Writing & Program | Twitter
Isaac: Writing | Twitter


Sprite Lineart & Character Design: melteaa | Twitter
Sprite Coloring: mamamario | carrd.co
UI Design, Implementation & Promotional: MadScientist | Twitter


Composer, Music Mixing & Mastering Engineer: PuppetPasta | Twitter
Audio Director, VO Editor & Mixer: Eliana | Twitter
Sound Designer: Wil | YouTube

Voice Acting

Xander: Norman | Twitter
Charon: MisplacedText | Twitter
Javier: Luca Xavier | Twitter
Styx: Gina | Twitter


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