Powerful Clean - Pro Optimizer

Powerful Clean - Pro Optimizer

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Package Namecom.powerfulclean.booster Available onGoogle play
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Powerful Cleaner is a free and strong Android mobile app cache cleaner, memory and phone booster. It can boost phone memory, device performance and clean storage space with only one tap. Optimize your phone and make it fast and convenient.

Junk cleaner master
junk cleaner helps to analyze all the log temporary and history ad files, and then recommend to clean those useless residual junk files to release more storage of mobile phone.

CPU Cooler
Cleaning unnecessary processes you choose to go speed up your device! Cool down phone’s temperature and reduce CPU usage by stopping running apps with the memory cleaner! To become your CPU cooler.

Battery Saver
The battery saver can analyze battery usage and monitor all apps that drain power while not in use. Hibernating the apps to stop battery draining and promote battery life

Phone Booster
Increase your phone's speed just by one click and free the memory that causes device lagging issues.
App Manager
The app manager lists all the apps that are available to users on their mobile devices. Remove apps you don’t use to save more space.

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