StreakScore: Football

StreakScore: Football


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StreakScore is a statistics service for finding streaks in football.
The service is able to find and show different streaks: goals, corners, yellow cards and others.
For example, you can easily find a team that hasn't had a draw for a long time!

What is Streak?
Streak is several games of a team in which the same event is repeated.
If the event is repeated - the streak continues, otherwise - the streak is interrupted.
All streaks have different lengths, but each of them will end sooner or later.

Why find streaks?
The larger the streak, the higher the likelihood that it will end soon.
Here you will receive full information about the selected streak.
Thanks to this knowledge, you will be able to predict them!

- Lose or win streaks
- Details of the streak
- Tracking favorite list


- Added FAQ
- Added description of subscriptions
- Different improvements and bug fixes