Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

The SA Game Studio

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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

It's up to you to protect the world. Can you successfully complete this mission?

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is one of the awesome galaxy war and spaceship war games on the market that will definitely get your heart rate up! Unlock the rocket, teleport and download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack today!

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✔️ Teleport and Shoot.
✔️ Be quick and careful.
✔️ You have to shoot all the UFOs and Spaceships.
✔️ Collect money, don't lose it.
✔️ You have to dodge obstacles and attacks on the way.
✔️ Take seriously the Spaceships shooting at you.
✔️ You lose life as you collide.
✔️ Don't miss Coins, Health, Magnets and Ultimate Weapons.
✔️ To win better Space Shuttle you need to fight very well.
✔️ Improve your weapons or features with the coins you collect.

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