Brutal World online: 2D MMORPG

Brutal World online: 2D MMORPG


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Brutal World online is 2D MMORPG with open world and PvP where you can build, craft, and attack almost anything.

* 40 different tools and weapons which give the specific abilities to heroes
* more than 200 types of inventory items, including different types of food, buffs, special items, etc.
* 150+ interactive objects including facilities, trees, enemies, teleporters, and many others
* more than 100 different types of abilities and actions (heroes can cook, craft, harvest, build, repair, heal, etc)
* 230 items to customize the heroes appearance and be unique
* constantly expanding open world with more than 4000 tiles and different biomes
* almost every object is destroyable
* open pvp
* easy leveling system, heroes get experience for every action
* 3 dangeons with angry spiders, monsters, and rare chests
* each island/map has its own set of quests
* early access, often updates, more and more new features




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